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The soil is good  Vol. 2.

Women & Wisdom ~ "Stories to Empower Our Girls"

Tori Johnson-Jones

​The Soil is Good is Tori Johnson-Jones' first children’s book. Her passion to become an author was born following the birth of her daughter, Auset Sophia. A lifelong lover of books that taught about the boundless power of the mind and human potential, Tori lamented there was such a small genre for children. In the spirit of all she learned in her readings, Tori put pen to paper and created the work you now hold in your hand. Prior to becoming an author, Tori travelled the world as a celebrity makeup artist, working with clients such as Destiny's Child and Outkast. In all, she worked professionally for more than 15 years in the music business, even going on to become a successful singer/songwriter and performer. Tori is the founder of LoudSilence Music Group as well the popular lifestyle blog ‘Music.Life.Lipstick & Coffee.' Tori is also working on her empowerment series ‘Women & Wisdom: Stories to Empower our Girls’ and the powerful documentary ‘Mommy, Interrupted’, a stirring saga celebrating her journey in the long-awaited birth of a child after a heart wrenching period of devastating loss. Feeling a strong calling upon her life, Tori prays the Soil is Good and her future works will be received in the spirit of universal uplift for which they are intended. Tori Jones hails from Atlanta, Georgia and currently lives in Washington, D.C. with her husband and young daughter.

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